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X2M200 Respiration Sensor

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X2M200 is a complete Respiration Sensor that provides advanced respiration and movement tracking during day and night. X4M200 is RF certified, and can be integrated directly into commercial products.

END-OF-LIFE is announced for X2M200. It is recommend to use X4M200 Respiration Sensor for new projects. The X2M200 is a Respiration Sensor holding regulatory approvals for EU (CE/ETSI).

The X4M200 has a detection zone of 0.4 - 2.5m. 

The X4M200 contents:

  • X2 SoC
  • Antenna
  • MCU with signal processing
  • USB and UART communication
  • Open and documented communication protocol
  • 69.2 x 45.9 mm size