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X4M02 Radar Sensor

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X4M02 is a complete radar sensor module intended for custom sensor application development. The X4M02 is RF certified, and can be integrated directly into commercial products

The X4M02 is a complete radar sensor module with the XeThru X4 SoC, antennas and microcontroller for application and signal processing. It is certified and holding regulatory approvals for EU (CE/ETSI), USA (ECC) and Canada (ISED, formaly known as IC), and is ready to be integrated straight into commercial products without the end products having to run UWB RF specific tests through a Telecommunications Certification Body.

The X4M02 is compatible with the X4M03 radar development kit but does not contain the firmware debug port. The X4M03 is more suitable for development. Once final application development is complete and verified, the X4M02 is single board and lower cost solution for volume production.

The X4M02 contents:

  • X4 SoC
  • Antenna
  • Microcontroller for signal processing
  • Multiple interface options to hos
    • USB
    • UART
    • SPI
    • I2C
  • Open and documented communication protocol
  • 67.6 x 41.7 mm size