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X4M03 Radar Development Kit

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X4M03 kick starts your product development with the XeThru Development Platform. Quickly develop a prototype using the certified X4M03 radar kit and your programming language of choice, be it MATLAB, Python or C++.

The X4M03 is a radar development kit that lets you create prototypes and new functionality on the kit itself. This enables the creation of custom XeThru sensors wrt. DSP, data analysis, metrics and so forth. The X4M03 is the complete hardware needed, with X4 SoC, antennas and microcontroller for signal processing.

In addition, the XeThru Embedded Platform (XEP) is the embedded firmware on the kit that contains communication, application and signal processing. The X4M03 contains a complete, and open source XEP code example on how to start developing the firmware.

Host communication is easy with Module Connector. This shared object / DLL is available Windows, Mac, Linux and embedded targets, and can be downloaded from It interfaces to Matlab, Pyhton, C++ or C so development on the host can be done on the platform of choice.

The X4M03 is designed for CE/ETSI (EU), FCC (USA) and ISED (Canada) compliant TX center frequency.

X4M03 Contents:

  • X4M03 radar development kit:
    • X4M05 radar sensor
    • XTMCU02 MCU board
  • 58 x 21 mm size
  • USB and UART communication